Vincent Grato

I play banjo and skate and hike and enjoy this fine city that is San Diego. I program and project plan and provision and alliterate. I love good names, plain text files, simple user-serving design and documentation.

I studied Computer Science and Mathematics at CSUSM (2012).

I also spent some time at the excellent Palomar Community College.

I’ve worked at some larger companies, but most of my career has been in startups. This has encouraged me to be kind of a generalist, working closely with Business, Sales, Marketing, UX, Frontend, Support and Infrastructure teams to get the project live and healthy. Folks have usually called me Data or Software Engineer, and with the last few teams Senior or Lead.

There’s been some really fun people along the way to learn from.

I also like to teach and mentor where I can.

I’ve worked on data systems with a bunch of fun shapes and would love to see what y’all are working on.